This dish is spicy-hot goodness!! My husband can NOT handle any type of spiciness and he was not a fan of it the first few bites... he said it was burning his lips! HA... But by the end he was begging for more! On the other hand, I LOVE a little kick to my food and enjoyed every bite!! It's not an overwhelming HOT its just perfect! This dish is so healthy and clean... You truly don't even realize you're eating cabbage! Great flavor by Maria!

1/2 tsp sesame oil
1 TBS coconut oil 
2 TBS chili paste
2 cloves chopped garlic
4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves (cut 1 inch cubes)
1/2 cup gluten free tamari sauce
1 onion cut lengthwise
1 med head cabbage sliced into noodles
1 TBS gluten free tamari
peanuts for garnish

Servings 4
~ In a large skillet combine sesame oil, coconut oil, chili paste. stir fry 30 sec. Add garlic and stir fry 1 min.
~ Add chicken and cook until no longer pink. Then add tamari sauce
~ Remove chicken mixture from pan and keep warm.
~ In same emptied pan add cabbage and onion. Stir fry until it starts to wilt. Add the 1 TBS of tamari. mix
~ Add chicken mixture back to cabbage and mix together to blend.

Protein Burger

This is a GO TO meal for my family when on the run!! We eat this probably once or twice a week for lunch or dinner! All the credit for this recipe goes to my MAMA (Linda Carpenter The LC Kitchen ... she is a fantastic cook!! Its so simple and I usually always have these ingredients on hand!! The flavor is so HUGE... doesn't even need ketchup! This is another one that i can save for lunch the next day!!
See it doesn't have to take a ton of effort to eat clean... just a few simple choices!

1 lb ground beef
1/4 cup Braggs Liquid Aminos
2 TBS dehydrated onions
1/2 tsp garlic powder
seasoning OR salt & pepper
Head of Lettuce

(Serving 5/6 patties)
~ In large bowl, add ground beef, braggs, onion, garlic powder, seasoning.
~ Combine together with hands
~ Mold patties & Cook however desired (I use George Forman)

Done! Now start building your burger!!


Swerve is fantastic!! 
This is a main ingredient in many of my desserts!

"Swerve Sweetener is a great tasting, all-natural sweetener that measures cup-for-cup just like sugar!  Made from a unique combination of ingredients derived from the fibers of fruits and vegetables, Swerve contains no artificial ingredients, preservatives or flavors.
http://www.swervesweetener.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/new-1lb.jpgSwerve is zero-calorie, non-glycemic and safe for those living with diabetes.  Human tests show Swerve does not affect blood glucose or insulin levels.
We know you are a discerning shopper, reading food labels and knowing that the truth actually lies within the Nutrition Facts panel and ingredients list, not on the front of the package.  Here’s the sweet truth about Swerve!" 

Coconut Creamed Berries

SIMPLE & HEALTHY! I eat this all the time and it tastes like berries & whip cream, which who doesn't love that!!! Nothing much to say about this except its amazing and so refreshing!!

Berries of choice
1 can coconut milk (Coconut Cream... see below)
3 drops vanilla sweet leaf Stevia


Berries of choice
1 can coconut milk (Coconut Cream... see below)
pinch of cinnimon
1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Servings 4
~ Place coconut cream in fridge for a few hours or overnight before mixing
~ Scoop the coconut cream from top of can and place in mixing bowl.
~ Mix coconut cream & stevia until fluffy
~ Layer berries and cream. Done!!!

Coconut Milk - place a can of coconut milk in fridge for a few hours or overnight. milk will separate and the top half will be the cream. Only use the cream portion for this recipe by scooping it out into a bowl.

*Tip - when mixing coconut cream, place mixing bowl and beaters in freezer for a while before adding coconut cream and whipping. (the cooler it is the better it whips)


    Coconut Oil
Known as the "Healthiest Oil on Earth"!
I'm a coconut oil fanatic!! I truly use it for everything in my life from the kitchen to the bathroom!

A Few Benefits:    
~ Moisturizer - Full Body
Eye Cream - reduce puffiness, bags, and wrinkles 
~ Deep Treatment Hair Conditioner - 1tbs to scalp or 1tsp to ends (Leave in overnight... use shower cap)
~ Stretch Mark Cream - Great for per-venting stretch marks and great for already damaged skin!
~ Diaper Rash - soothing with no chemicals!
~ Body Scrub- Just mix with sugar and your set!
~ Healing - apply to scrapes, cuts, Rashes, Bug Bites... forms a protection layer from dust & bacteria. Also speeds up healing process!
~ Massage Oil
~ Lubricant - All Natural (Don't use with Latex)
~ Nipple Cream - Works great for dry, cracked, sore nipples (apply between feedings). All natural!
~ Ear Infection - Mix coconut oil with garlic and put a few drops in ear and leave for 10 minutes! 2-3 times a day and should be good in 2 days!!
~ PreShave & Aftershave - Protects from damage of shaving and also helps heal skin after shaving... without clogging pours!!
~ Defrizzer & Hair Gel - little on palm and work through hair
~ Chapstick - softens and has SPF4 ... little protection!
~ Make Up Remover -Works wonders!
~ Skin Issues - helps heal skin!

Stuffed Peppers

These peppers are so easy to make but look like they took hours! Don't you just Love that!!!!! There are so so so many different flavors going on in this dish but put them all together and its mouth watering!! Even though there are only 3 of us in the house... I cook all 6peppers and then there's our lunch for the next day!! Easy Peasy!! Tastes just as good the next day... all flavors have soaked together! Yum!!

6 Peppers
1 TBS coconut or olive oil
2 cloves garlic
1 lb ground beef
2 TBS dehydrated onions
Salt & Pepper
1 cup uncooked Quinoa
1 1/4 cups salsa

Cooking Quinoa:
Combine 2 cups of Organic Chicken Stock and 1 cup of Quinoa to a pot. Bring to Boil. Cover and simmer for 10-15 minutes. Done!!

Preheat Oven 375 / Makes 6 Servings
~ In large skillet add coconut oil and garlic. cook 30 seconds
~ Add ground beef & dehydrated onions. cook until no longer pink.
~ Add cooked quinoa. Salt & Pepper to taste (generous amount)
~ Lastly add Salsa... stir all together
~ Cut, clean all peppers and stuff them with meet mixture
~ Place in large baking dish (standing up-right)
~ IMPORTANT - pour a little water in bottom of baking dish (water barely covers bottom)... prevents burning.
~ Bake for 35 minutes


The Craving Killer

This is one of my FAVORITE snacks... If I am craving anything bad or I just need a healthy treat, this is my GO TO! It kills any craving that I have and leaves me fully satisfied! Not to mention... it tastes AMAZING and PERFECT FOR KIDS!

1 brown rice, rice cake
almond butter (no added sugars)
sliced bananas 
Raw Organic honey

this really needs no explaining...
~ Rice cake topped with almond butter, topped with banana, and drizzled honey or agave

Spinach Strawberry Salad

This salad is perfect for summer and has all the sweetness without the Simple Sugars!! My sister-in-law Sandra came up with this recipe and its a huge hit at every party... I have requested for this salad multiple times! Its a fun and colorful salad... the kids even love it!!

2 bunches or bags of spinach
4 cups sliced strawberries
1/2 cup olive oil
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
1/2 cup swerve  (or your choice sweetener)
2 TBS sesame seeds
1 TBS poppy seeds
2 Tbs minced onion
1/2 cup sliced almonds

~ In large salad bowl toss spinach and strawberries
~ In bowl whisk together oil, vinegar, swerve, sesame seeds, and poppy seeds
~ Toss dressing with salad and top with sliced Almonds

Makes 8 Servings

Spiced Pumpkin Muffins (Gluten Free, Low Carb)

These Pumpkin Muffins are DELICIOUS and the best part is they're GUILT FREE!! I love these for dessert or with a cup of coffee in the AM!! I will definitely be bringing these to holiday parties... they just scream Fall!! Extremely filling and satisfying! Thanks to Maria for introducing these beauties!

1-1/2 cups almond meal OR almond flour
1/4 tsp celtic sea salt
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
1/4 tsp ground ginger
1/8 tsp ground cloves
2 TBS coconut oil, melted
1/2 cup Swerve (OR your choice sweetener)
3 large eggs
1 cup canned pumpkin

Pre-heat oven 325/ Serving 11 medium or 6 large
~ In mixing bowl combine almond flour, baking soda, salt and spices.
~ In seperate bowl mix coconut oil, sweetener, eggs and pumpkin... until smooth.
~ Stir wet ingredients into dry
~ Grease muffin tins. Spoon batter into pan half way. (for large muffins fill to top of tin)
~ Bake for 30-40 min (for large muffins bake 40-50 minutes)

*I eat these often without any frosting or anything... just a good cup of coffee and they are perfect! Although if you would like a topping, below is a great one!!

FROSTING (Optional)
4 oz cream cheese
2 TBS unsweetened almond milk
3 TBS confectioners swerve a touch of stevia glyserite (to taste)
Mix together and place dollop on top and ENJOY!!

* Optional - you can add Confectioners Swerve OR a touch of stevia glycerite to the frosting if you would like it sweeter!

Taco Cassrole

This is a great recipe that the whole family will love! since there's only 3 of us, this lasts for about 2-3 days! we are so busy during the day so im always eating dinner leftovers for lunch! I love being prepared so I can always have healthy choices! If I'm hungry, not prepared and don't have time to cook... I'm gonna reach for the crap!!

1TBS coconut oil
1 lb ground beef
 *OR 2 skinless chicken breast (cooked and shredded)
1/2 cup chopped onion
1-7 oz can chopped green chile peppers
2 TBS of taco seasoning (GF)
1/2 cup tomato sauce
2 eggs
2 cups low-fat cottage cheese
1 stp sea salt
1/4 tsp freshly ground pepper
3 brown rice tortillas (OR Zucchini)
2 cups shredded monterey jack cheese
 *OR mexican blend
1 - 10z salsa

Pre-heat oven to 350/ Makes 6 Servings
~Saute ground beef (or chicken), onion, and green chiles until browned
~ Add taco seasoning and 1/2 cup of tamato sauce. Simmer for 3 min
~ In a bowl mix cottage cheese, eggs, salt & pepper until well blended
~ (9X13 baking dish) LAYER - 1/2 salsa, meat mixture, tortilla, 1/2 cottage cheese mixture, 1/2 cheese... and REPEAT one more time.

*Tip - This dish is even better the next day when all the flavors have really set in! So don't be afraid to make it the day before or morning of!!

Tuscan Lemon Chicken

Can you say Healthy Healthy Healthy!!! Thank you SS&GF this is such an easy dish and adds so much flavor to a chicken breast! My daughter Aniya seems to love the lemon flavor! Remember I always recommend Organic ingredients... Top priority of Organic for me is always my MEAT/POULTRY & DAIRY!

2 – 3 Lbs of Organic chicken (Skinless, Boneless, Breasts are the healthiest)
1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
2 teaspoons grated lemon zest (about 2 lemons)
1/3 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
3 cloves of garlic grated
1 tablespoon minced fresh rosemary
1 teaspoon fresh ground pepper

Preheat oven 350 / Servings 4-6
~ Combine all ingredients (besides chicken) and whisk.
~ Pour over chicken and marinate for at least 4 hours or overnight. The longer the meat is marinated, the more flavor!!
~ Bake  COVERED for 25-30 min
       OR Cook however you would like!

* Tip - GREAT for Freezing!!! Place chicken and Marinade in a ziplock bag (lay flat) and Freeze! super easy and ready to cook at any time!! (Thaw in refrigerator & then cook)

Bruschetta Breakfast (My Favorite)

Bruchetta Eggs are my absolute most favorite breakfast! The Quinoa has so much flavor due to soaking up the chicken stock! Yumm! The trick to this whole dish is NOT overcooking your eggs... you want runny yokes so that it soaks into the Quinoa and gives an unbelievable FLAVOR!!

Organic Coconut oil
1/2 cup cooked Organic Quinoa
2-3 Organic eggs (Cooked - Runny Yokes)
1 Roma Tomato
Salt & Pepper

Cooking Quinoa:
Combine 2 cups of Organic Chicken Stock and 1 cup of Quinoa to a pot. Bring to Boil. Cover and simmer for 10-15 minutes. Done!!

~ Cook eggs in Coconut Oil (CO is so good for your body... suppose to get 3tbs a day)
~ Stack Quinoa, Eggs, Tomatoes, Avocado, Salt & Pepper... Done!!!

*Tip: I use Quinoa for so many recipes so I make 2 cups of Quinoa at a time and it last me 3-4 days!

Simple & Amazing Breakfast!!

O.M.G Chicken Strips

This Chicken is O-M-G Good and Easy Easy Easy!! One of mine and my husbands favorite dishes and supper healthy!! Its great for dinner along with some side dishes and absolutely PERFECT for kids (snack or meal)!

2 Chicken Breasts
2 Eggs
1 Cup Almond Meal
Coconut Oil

**Tip - Also good if you add fresh grated Parmesan cheese in the almond meal!!

~Slice chicken breasts into strips
~Next to stove, place bowl of BEATEN eggs and then a plate of Almond Meal
~Dip strips into egg and then lay in Almond Meal (make sure both sides are fully coated)
~Place chicken in HOT Coconut Oiled pan over medium-high heat, cook on both sides for about 5min each or until done