Mock Potato Soup... it's Cauliflower

Craving Baked Potato Soup but don't want all those carbs and gluten (flour)?Try this mock potato soup and you will be shocked at its goodness!! I love rich, thick, creamy soups but I don't love the flour that they use to thicken it... or all those carbs. So here is a great great great alternative that your family with truly enjoy!! Gluten free and low carb but with all the great flavors!!! Now that's a win win!! I made this on a cold rainy day in Seattle... warm fire, beautiful view, and this!! PERFECTION!! I promise your family (including kids) will go crazy over this soup!! Keep it easy, keep it clean, keep it healthy, and keep it gluten free!! Enjoy!

1 lb cauliflower florets
1 TBS fat of choice (bacon fat, melted ghee, or olive oil)
4 cups chicken broth
2 TBS dehydrated onions
8oz cream cheese
1/8 tsp cayenne pepper
salt & pepper, to taste

Sharp cheddar cheese, grated
bacon, crisp
green onions, chopped

** For the "fat of choice" I just used bacon fat since I was in the middle of making bacon for the toppings. Just scooped a TBS of grease out while I was cooking it. Adds lots of flavor

~ Over medium-high heat cook cauliflower in chicken broth until soft (slightly over cooked)
~ Lower temp. Add dehydrated onions, fat of choice, cayenne pepper, and cream cheese. Break down the cream cheese with wooded spoon until melted.
~ Puree until desired consistency. You can use a stick blender OR transfer to blender OR mash with potato masher.
~ Serve with toppings and enjoy!!!


  1. Thanks for this awesome recipe. Made it tonight and it was great.

  2. Made this tonight ( slight variations - and it was fantastic!!! Tanks !