My Story

So here it is...

I'm the type of girl who loves loves loves food!! My family basically plans everything around food... lets face it it's GOOD! I've always eaten pretty decent and been interested in health/nutrition but I still loved the bad stuff! One day my husband and I got some test results back saying our daughter (Aniya) had some digestion issues (Leaky Gut) and the doctor explained to me how we needed to change her diet. Well, long story short I changed some things in her diet and thought I was feeding her the right foods but she still kept throwing up about every week, always had a really bloated stomach, and just didn't seem like she felt good. It's horrible to watch your baby throwing up and in pain!
So I determined "life as we know it" was about to change! I then began doing tons and tons of research, meal planning, and revamping of my kitchen! I told my husband from here on out I was cooking ONLY the way baby could eat and we were all getting healthy... He thought I was joking! Good news is, through my research & yummy recipes he decided to jump on board!

During my research period of trying to find great recipes that were ok for her diet (meaning Gluten Free, Sugar Free, and Organic) it was slim picken. Unless I was a tofu, seaweed, spinach girl... No i don't think so! I am a meat, mash potatoes, pizza, prime rib type of girl! Don't give me no sissy salad!! So to say all that... with this new lifestyle I don't plan on loosing flavors just coming up with CLEAN versions!!!
So now here we are Living Clean and Loving It!

Results - Baby Aniya has not thrown up at all since we changed our lifestyle and no more bloaty stomach!!

My personal struggle... after I had Aniya I suffered from a lot of Forgetfulness (like I literally lost my brain), Fogginess, Fatigue, and Dizziness. I was one of those people that were always tired and I always thought something seriously had to be wrong with me! Through my research and realization of the horrible effects of gluten on the body, there was no question... I was going gluten free!! Once I cut out wheat/gluten from my diet the symptoms completely stopped within a matter of a week! Supposedly, once you stop eating GLUTEN it takes 3 days for your body to get it out of your system!! The results were shocking!! I now wake up clear headed, no more bloating after I eat, weight loss, and better muscle definition... HELLO!!!

** Re-introducing Wheat/Gluten = after going gluten free, if you introduce it back into your system, most people develop stomach pains and diarrhea... OR you can develop serious joint pain (which is what happens to me). if I happen to eat gluten then I experience really really bad joint pain and body aches. Not only does it bloat your stomach but it does the same thing around all your joints which causes pain. This just proves how bad it is for your system! The pain is NOT worth it!

So I hope this blog helps you with whatever journey in life you're on!!

Much Love,


  1. so excited to read your blog!!!

  2. Just came across your blog... slowly starting to incorporate more gluten free foods and recipes into my lifestyle so I can eventually become completely gluten-free. Luckily I don't have any health issues that are making me do this, just choosing to lead a healthier lifestyle! Going gluten-free can be intimidating so I am very lucky to have come across your blog and I have already made quite a few of your recipes... ALL incredibly delicious and I look forward to trying more!

  3. HI Amber, My name is Terces and I am the founder of Cafe Gratitude and Gracias Madre ( I had the honor of hearing your husband speak at The Fathers House a couple of weeks ago and when I looked up his organization on line, I found you! I am so grateful. Thank you for the work you are doing in sharing both your passion for food and in particular healthy food. I will continue to follow you and send you blessings on your journey. Much love, Terces

  4. Hi, Amber. I, too, met your husband recently at Cornerstone Church. After reading your story, I am going to try gluten free eating. My husband has suffered from stomach issues, serious ones, for YEARS and it's definitely worth it to see if that will help. My daughter is already on board so, I am sending her a link to your blog. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Amber I recently heard Juddiah in NZ at Manifest Presence, was an awesome conference, and privileged to hear him share his passion about the nations. I'm loving your recipes as I to have issues. Thanks for sharing. Thought I'd share my new discovery as it's quite uncommon, and may help someone else. I have an allergy to MSG as well. In my transition of going healthy i've been making and consuming lots of bone broth....
    Unbeknown to me the longer you cook bone broth the more concentrated the natural MSG becomes, for me increasing inflammation levels through the roof, and causing great discomfort throughout my body, never for a moment thinking it was my healthy broth. I was literally poisoning my whole system. Hope this helps someone reading your blogs.
    God Bless